Welcome to The Merry-Go-Round

Musical Merry-Go-Round Family Radio Show


“kid-appropriate music that’s smart and sincere. ”
-St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“unlike the mind-zapping treacle that’s been peddled to kids in the past.”
-St. Louis Magazine
“way cooler than Saturday-morning cartoons”
-Sauce Magazine
“catchy, smart, fun, and meaningful”
-Riverfront Times
Since August 16, 2008 our family radio show
can  be heard live every Saturday morning at 7am Central U.S. time
within 80 miles of St. Louis on 88.1 FM KDHX St. Louis Community Radio
anywhere in the world at
If you missed the last two weeks shows live,
you can listen to them anytime on your computer
by clicking this link:
Musical Merry-Go-Round recent shows